Ezee Rover 4

Ezee Rover 4 Mobility Scooter

Elite Mobility Scooter


Now available in 4 frame colours!

  • CH4022 - Silver Frame
  • CH4029 - Red Frame
  • CH4030 - Blue Frame
  • CH4031 - Black Frame

All Elite scooter purchases now include the following free options:

  • Light
  • Drink Holder
  • Cover
  • Anti-tippers

The Elite Mobility Scooter is a “Class A” Electrically powered scooter. It is intended to be used by individuals that are able to walk, but suffer from mild mobility limitations. The user must have sufficient arm and leg strength to get on and off the EZee Elite alone and to safely steer under all driving conditions.

The Elite Mobility Scooter is intended for indoor and restricted outdoor use on pavements or paved footpaths only during daylight hours.

The Elite Mobility Scooter does not have lights and reflectors and therefore must not be used in the dark or in limited visibility conditions.

Folding effortlessly in seconds, the Elite Mobility Scooter is designed to fit easily just about anywhere: a small closet, tight elevators, narrow storage places and, of course, the trunk of your car. Take the Elite Mobility Scooter with you on car or airplane trips and be up and running as soon as you get there.

Folded and stored for the night, it will be ready when you are the next morning. Slide the Ezee Travel into the back of a van with virtually no lifting effort and unfold it again in no time.

There are no connectors, latches or mechanisms to open when folding or unfolding. It’s that easy!

Air Travel

Attention: All our scooter batteries are sealed batteries and are designed to be safe for air travel. Airlines are especially careful these days when it comes to transporting batteries and there have been cases recently where scooter batteries have been confiscated prior to a flight forcing the traveller to purchase new batteries at their destination.

When booking a flight where you intend to take your wheelchair or scooter, always make sure with the airline that your batteries meet their requirements for air travel.

The Standard Lead Acid battery pack has been certified safe for airline travel. Click here for copy of the lead acid battery certification

The Optional Lithium battery pack has been certified safe for airline travel. Click here for copy of lithium battery certification



  • Super light weight
  • Safe 3 wheel ride you can take anywhere
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort and functionality
  • Folds easily and quickly
  • Store in tight places quickly and easily
  • Detach the battery pack and carry inside for recharging
  • Battery airline friendly for travel


  • Carrying Capacity: 115 kg (250 lbs)
  • Maximum Incline: 6° (10%)
  • Maximum Range: 13 km (8 miles)
  • Drive Wheels: Front
  • Length 104 cm (41 in)
  • Width: 57 cm (22 in)
  • Height: 91.4 cm (36 in)
  • Folded (vertical) 80 x 57 x 53 cm (31" x 22" x 21")
  • Total Weight 36.7 kg (81 lbs)
  • Battery: 12 A/h 8.6 kg (19 lbs)
  • Weight without battery 21 kg (41 lbs)
  • Range: Up to 13 km (8 miles)

*Range will vary depending on user weight, battery condition and terrain


  • Quick and powerful, yet safe and stable.
  • Folds easily and quickly. No need to bend or lift heavy parts.
  • Ideal for running errands or for just wandering around.
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort and functionality
  • Detach the battery pack and carry inside for recharging.
  • Great for indoors and outdoors.
  • Wheels are non-marking and never go flat.

Parts Warranty

  • 1 year Electronics; 3 year Frame


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